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Ujigami World Class Manufacturing

Leading Technology

Using a standard browser-based framework of proven hardware and software tools, Tutelar Technologies Inc. provides total plant floor integration of equipment and manpower systems, creating an intelligent manufacturing system that offers the highest levels of production and quality control. We have performed extensive testing to ensure that our solutions are error-proofed!

Our solutions incorporate the latest proven technologies, enabling quick configuration and an effortless expansion path. By using advanced web-based standards, such as XML, DHTML, CSS, and Web Services, our products deliver results at the plant-floor level that Microsoft .NET promises at the enterprise level.

The Ujigami™ Product Directed Manufacturing System provides the fastest, most flexible software to deliver highest quality and lowest cost - proven capable of resolving the toughest real-time manufacturing challenges..




We have been interfacing computers to plant floor devices for over 30 years and will be helping you exceed in your business for the next 30 years.
We have a solution available for you now!

Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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